June 03, 2010

Ok, now THESE are my FAVORITE!!!....

....until my next trip to the greenhouse.

Stopped by Bogie Lake Greenhouse last night to pick up a couple more Liatris and came across these stunning flowers. I have never seen them before, but then, I always find something at Bogie Lake that I've never seen before!

They were simply labeled 'Double Poppy' and had some basic care info listed. Unfortunately, the usual perennial lady wasn't working, and the girl working didn't know much about them. Didn't matter - I HAD to have them, three of them. My wonderful fiance liked them as well and bought them for me (love him).

Lol.. the funniest part is thinking back on our conversation as we drove to the greenhouse:

Me: "No, really. I just need two more Liatris, one more Salvia, and maybe one Beardtongue to replace that one that's not doing well. Then that's it, I'm DONE."
Ten minutes later, at the greenhouse: "OOOOhhh! What are THOSE! I think I would need THREE of them to make it look right!! Don't ya think!!??"

My fiance: "I think you really have a problem."

So does the fact that he bought them for me make him an enabler? ;)

Anyway, back to these amazing flowers. Peony Poppies (Papaver somniferum Paeoniflorum). I couldn't find much on them online, but from what I can gather they are not in fact perennials, but do reseed themselves prolifically. The seeds can be collected and sewn in spring or fall, or they can be left to scatter themselves in the garden. They need a well-drained soil and full sun. They grow 2 to 3 feet tall -though mine seem closer to 4 feet. The blooms are about 4" to 5" across and the foliage is a lovely dusky blue.

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