August 30, 2008

Veggie Garden

I grew my first veggie garden this year. It's a small container garden on the deck of the master bedroom. I started seeds in April and most of them germinated and made it outdoors. My lavendar seeds did not fare so well - two of nine sprouted, one immediately withered, and the other soon after. My three types of peppers have all done wonderfully!

My tomatoes from seed survived, but never thrived. I eventually went out and bought tomato plants. I also bought dill, catnip, chives, and chamomile.

Other seedlings of mine that have done well include blue fescue and Johnny Jump-ups, just for ornamental value.

The biggest problem in my little garden is that our lot has quite a few mature trees. Even though all the plants get light at some time, none of them really get a large amount of light. Yet, I have still gotten a bit of produce.
It's fun and exciting to be enjoying the tasty "fruits" of my labor. I am looking forward to trying again next year with a bit more experience!