January 20, 2011

Ready For Spring Emergence...

.... now I just need Spring.

Last post June 2010!? Wow, I've been neglectful. Not only to my blog, but to my GARDEN! I think that's the last time I was out there! (Though I did work in other peoples' gardens.) Last summer was entirely dedicated to my wedding. I had no idea that even if you start planning and are "on top of things" as early as I was, that it would still take SO much of your time even up to the weeks, days, before the wedding. Haha... in fact, I don't know if "on top of things" can even really be applied to weddings. Lol.

In the end it was absolutely wonderful and worth every moment of missed garden time, but I'll be making up for it this year! Can't wait to get out there! :D