June 01, 2010

The Latest Bloomers and Recent Additions

So much color. I could just stand there staring at my garden for hours. Aren't flowers amazing?

I am in awe of these irises given to me by a friend last year. I didn't know what color any of them would be. Many of the blooms were the traditional purple with hints of yellow. One was a very pretty antique peach with orange accents. But my absolute favorite were these gorgeous, nearly black bloom.

It does pick up quite a bit of color when the sun hits it, otherwise it looks quite dark, and dramatic. I love it. Even the inside is gorgeous!
Alright, I'll stop gushing about my iris now... I have more things to gush about. :)

My 'Arctic Fire' Dianthus came around in full force this year. So many blooms on each plant - even after I moved them around. The blooms are so small and delicate, yet they still add a bit of "pop" in the garden.

I'm also loving my Coral Bell I got at the farmer's market last year. Coral Bells are always great - such pretty and delicate flowers and so many foliage variations. I could have a garden full of these.

My painted daisies from my mom are blooming too. The foliage looks a bit scraggly, moreso than mom's, but it's seemingly doing okay and it's still blooming.

Okay, I'll start wrapping this up. A couple new additions:

A cute little Dahlia I got over the weekend
And a couple of Iceland Poppies; the brightest happiest little flowers.
I think this year I have become a "poppy" person. I haven't grown poppies before, and I don't know why I never cared for them in the past. I'm realizing now just how pretty they are. :)

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