August 25, 2009


My boss had a hitchhiker on his back when he returned to the office from lunch yesterday. I decided to bring the little guy home and release him in my garden (the mantis, not my boss).
He sat right on top of my passenger seat all the way home, tilting his head and looking around, cleaning his antennae. When we arrived home I scooped him into my hand and let him go in my flowers. He posed for several pics before he flew off somewhere to the other side of the yard.

He may not stick around in our yard, but at least he's in a much more rural area than where I work. Plus, I'm sure there are more pesky bugs here to eat. I mean, I sure as heck wouldn't mind living in my garden if I were a bug!

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JT Grachek said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. I especially like the third one.