July 16, 2009

"One-of-Each-itis" - That's it!

I have identified my affliction: "One-of-Each-itis".
(as defined by Billy Goodnick here)

The purpose of me creating a garden, even though we are only temporarily renting our home and money is not exactly pouring from our pockets right now, is to gain first-hand experience and "personal history" in the gardening world. I am a student in a field that I have no experience in thus far and am trying to gain said experience.

In this new venture I am becoming increasingly aware that my new garden - filled with lovely plants of many colors and shapes - doesn't have any order to it. I went into the project knowing in my head the general direction in which I wanted to go, but had no plan of execution. This is mainly because it's had to be a work in progress that began as "I'll just put a few plants in so I can at least have a garden", but developed into "I'll just add one of these - last plant! Except for this one.. and this one too." Now I have this odd conglomeration that just doesn't make much sense.

I'm not entirely disappointed though. The purpose of this project was to learn, and that is being accomplished. A lot of these plants are still small and I think will have more effect next year when they actually begin the season in the garden and will fill out the space more. However, I think I would still like to attempt some rearranging this year to create a bit more flow to the area. I really liked the article by Billy Goodnick referenced above, and will look to it for inspiration. I want to balance my "collector" tendencies with some "arranger" tendencies!


Gilly said...

Bri: Thrilled to be quoted and to see that my words have a tangible effect on people. Like anyone starting out in a new endeavor, you have to start by doing SOMETHING, then assessing and adjusting.

Learning is not a straight path from blank slate to mastery; it's about making mistakes and finding your way.

Thanks again for contacting me in your earlier e-mail. I hope my suggestions help. Remember, pick your battles. LOL

Billy said...

Ooops: Posted under an obscure e-mail address. That was me, Billy Goodnick...you know, the One-Of-Each-Itis guy from Fine Gardening's blog.