June 09, 2009

Volunteer Opportunities!

I have recently come across a volunteer opportunity that I am really excited to take part in. The local Michigan State Parks are, with the help of volunteers, removing invasive species and replenishiing native species. For more information on volunteer workdays in Michigan, check out the volunteer schedule on the DNR website.

My first volunteer day is going to be June 27th, as I help remove invasive garlic mustard from a nearby State Park. I'll be sure to report back on how it goes and what else I learn about the volunteer program!

For those with busy schedules, such as myself, there is training available to help people set up individual volunteer projects that can be done on your own, such as native seed collecting, monitoring bug population numbers, invasive plant mapping, or setting up and promoting volunteer workdays. To learn more, check out the Core Volunteer Steward Program.

To find volunteer opportunities in another state, try checking the volunteer page on The Nature Conservancy's website.

This is a great way to help preserve and protect the natural areas that I hope you are all getting a chance to get to out and enjoy!

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