June 23, 2009

Hosta-munching Slugs

I am beginning to notice the signs of slimy invaders munching around my garden at night. I've looked up some organic methods of slug control to try. The most common method seems to be to bury a jar or bottle with about an inch of beer in the bottom. The slugs are attracted to the fermenting beer and climb in for a taste, drowning in the brew.

While this must be at least somewhat effective due to the number of sources that recommend it, I found another method that is a little more appealing to me than removing jars of slimy drowned slugs - that is, if it works. Supposedly, caffeinated coffee grounds applied to the earth surrounding the plant will also kill the slugs. A caffeine spray may work as well. I'll give the ol' coffee method a go, and if need be I'll try the beer method.

Click here for more organic methods to control slugs.

Have any ideas of your own to add?

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