May 12, 2009


Slowly but surely, more and more plants are being acquired. I still have my second order yet to come. It looks so bare. At the farmer's market over the weekend I found a nice Coral Bell Dolce Mocha Mint that works nicely in front of the pond. While at English Gardens I picked up a wonderful little Geranium with beautiful fall-colored hues (pictured above). I love it.

The Alliums are just about to burst open with their beautiful purple puffs. I always love seeing the giant pom-poms float over the garden.
The Lamium are also in bloom, adding tiny pink accents upon the foam green foliage along the back edge of the pond.
I was also excited to find the Sorbet Orange Duet Violas I wanted to be sure to add. The combination of colors is beautiful to me on the happy little flower faces.

I have just a bit more filling in to do around the pond, but I have added a lot of ground cover plants, so hopefully they will do their thing and create a lush covering over the ground.

I added a white Caladium as an accent at the pond, which contrasted nicely with some Blue Salvia. Now I'm just anxious to get my next order so I can fill in the bare sunny section to the right of the pond. Hurry up Mr. Postman!

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