May 05, 2009

Finally Getting My Hands Dirty!

I've been clearing, raking, and tilling! Today I picked up my fertilizer, sulphur, and potash to incorporate into the soil. I need to get busy because my first plant order has come today from Bluestone Perennials!

I've applied the potash and sulfur over the area, and begun applying the water soluble fertilizer. The slope on the area around the pond is causing the water to run off into the pond, so I'm trying to water in intervals, allowing it to soak in each time. Luckily, our fish aren't out there yet. Our project this weekend will be to drain the cement pond and clean it out so we can get the fish out in the next week or two.

I've gotten the plants from my Bluestone order into the ground. It seemed like so much on the order slip, but now that I've gotten it all out there I've decided I need more plants!! :)

I have an order coming next week from Michigan Bulb Co. that is larger than this order. Hopefully that will help fill things in. I also have all my seedlings to get out there still, and some Marigold seeds to start outdoors(I found seeds for some beautiful Snowball Marigolds that I am very excited about. I'm also hoping to pick up some Purple Coneflower this weekend at the Detroit Farmers Market. That will be the backdrop along the fence, along with Russian Sage, Shasta Daisy, and Painted Daisy.

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