June 28, 2008

Calypso bulbosa

One of my favorite finds when I go out west. This was my second encounter with the beautiful Calypso bulbosa (Calypso orchid). I simply love these guys! I am always thrilled to see this relatively rare flower scattering the trails in the Rocky Mountains. What a wonderful flower!
I saw these at the Michigan Orchid Show a couple years ago. I would love to try to grow a few. They make me smile. I've heard they can be a bit tricky indoors, though not impossible. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

Another orchid I encountered on the trail in the Rockies is the Spotted Coralroot - Corallorhiza maculata. Not extremely showy, but that's usually my favorite type of flower - one that is the unobvious beauty; nature's intricate little gems.
One final note - I saw this in the same area as the other two flowers. Does anyone know what this is? Perhaps a coralroot emerging? I know there are yellow ones, but I didn't see any other yellows in bloom anywhere around.
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